You Gonna Know My Name with SATE

Artisans Exposed Projects presents: One Flow: A series of short interviews with uniquely passionate performers and artisans. By: Jojo D

"Good Evening! How you doing? my name is Sate and I'm so happy to be here. I hope you guys are ready to get sweaty, dirty, greasy, funky, skanky...all the good stuff. Will you sing with me?" Sate, Live in Concert, Germany 2017




sing, act, dance, create

When: really young, 6 or something




I do what I do because I saw my mother, my uncle, aunt, sister, and cousins do it -- plus I really love being a performing artist/creating art.


I open my mouth words come out with a melody attached, my body moves to the music and I sweat, growl and smile while doing so

ONE: existing, acting, or considered as a single unit, entity, or individual,

being a particular, unique, or only individual, item, or unit.

What Tribe do you belong to?

first generation Canadian, born and raised in Toronto - mother is African American and Indigenous American - father is Kittitian (St. Kitts - African + Indigenous Caribbean) and German.

Tell us about your upbringing/childhood

I was a shy kid, but super creative. I danced in class and in my living room mostly. I really wanted to be a dancer. I sang too, with my mother (Salome Bey), mostly or I'd watch her sing, act and direct

At what age or phase-of-life did you start to develop your art?

I was 12 when I went to Claude Watson School for the Arts. That's when I really started to get serious about my art. I was a dance major, minoring in visual art and playing tuba in the orchestra, did the same in highschool, but I sang a little more, especially when people found out that I could sing.

Did your upbringing in a musically famous family influence your decision to pursue music? Absolutely! It was all I knew so, naturally I went there, plus I felt nurtured and supported.

Was there any other defining moments that let you know that you were on the right creative path? After highschool, I said to myself, if I don't get a job in singing/acting/musical theatre, I'll go to school to study just that, and within the year I got cast in Showboat, and I never looked back.

Tell us about your first real opportunity to shine publicly? And what was the experience like? Wow, um, I truly can't remember the first. Maybe it was doing AfroPunk in Brooklyn (2016), Paris and London (2017). I mean, it was the first time where I felt that I could just BE onstage and not have to prove my worth. I could sing my songs and the audience heard me. The only other times I felt that was touring in Europe. So I guess I'd say the last couple years.

FLOW: A mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity. To move or progress freely as if in a stream.

Tell us about your band Wade O Brown - keys/vocals/musical director 3.5 years Tony Rabalao - drums/vocals 4 years Ben Healey - guitar/vocals 1 year Alex St. Kitts - bass/vocals 3 years

Outside of your band what other musicians have you collaborated with?

Kirt Godwin - guitar/vocals

Marlon Pennant - bass/vocals

Tom McKay - bass + produced my last album, RedBlack&Blue

Ricky Tillo - guitar

Joel Joseph - keys

and in terms of female collaborators, at one point I had a predominately female band:

Donna Grantis - guitar/ musical director

Hill Kourkoutis - keys/vocals (and Hill just produced my newest album!)

Vaness - keys/vocals

Heather Crawford - guitar

Irina Angelov - keys/vocals

Meg Dolovich - bass

Jewelle Blackman - vocals/violin

Nicole Brooks - vocals

Abena Malika - vocals

Alex McMaster - cello/vocals

+ then the dudes:

Roger Travassos - drums

Rob Teehan - sousaphone

there are many more musicians that I've played with and written with, too many to name.