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Winner of Toronto's Strip Search 2010, Trixi Jones, based out of Toronto, Canada is an award winning Pin Up Model, Burlesque Performer, Stylist, & Makeup Artist.

She's fiery, saucy and captivating! She's a fighter, a lover and a firecracker but don't get it or her twisted because warriors don't play.

If you don't you know!


Miss Trixi Jones


I’m a hobbyist. I have oh so many hobbies I do as jobs; ballroom dance, burlesque, makeup artist, stylist, bartender at a salsa nightclub and I own a wee company called ‘Wolf Crown & Alchemy’


In my mid 20’s I started to love my ‘quirks’ and decided to embrace my flaws and stop doing things that would pit these flaws against me


I’m Toronto based but I’ve performed throughout the world, and I ship my product to anywhere a FedEx truck can get... Tom Hanks used a volleyball to show us that FedEx is almost anywhere!


I can’t do anything unless I either love it or thoroughly enjoy doing it. Otherwise, it feels like torture. I do what I have found that gives me joy and fills my life with people, things and experiences that also give me joy


Blood. Sweat. Tears. Support of beautiful friends and a willingness to fail horribly at any given moment.

ONE: existing, acting, or considered as a single unit, entity, or individual

being a particular, unique, or only individual, item, or unit.

What Tribe do you belong to ethnically or culturally?

I’m Canadian 100% . I’m the kid of immigrants so I’m proud to say that! Culturally I am Italian and Argentinian.

What was your childhood like? What kind of kid were you?

I was always a weirdo. In grade school I was actually bullied so badly, my mother considered homeschooling me. But I was artistic and odd, talkative, asked soooo many questions; rebellion was my middle name, but in a good kid kinda way. Whenever told “you can’t do that” or “you have to do this”, I always say “why”? However ..... I was the kid of immigrants so my parents' word was still gospel if you didn’t wanna get smacked with a wooden spoon.

At what age did you realize that the Arts was your calling?

As a kid. I’ve always been artistic. When I was 5 and my sister was 2, I’d break into my mother’s closet and makeup. We'd dress us up from head to toe and make a whole play or musical. We’d perform for the adults trying their best to cheer and not just laugh at us.

Who were some of your biggest influencers growing up and who are some of your influences today? (if different)

My parents were always playing “old movies” so I was absolutely obsessed with Sofia Lauren and Marilyn Monroe. My mother also had Frida Kahlo art on a few walls. I’d get in shit for destroying her garden picking all the flowers to wear them in my hair and look like Frida.

What does it mean, to you, to be a woman in today's world?

Responsibilities. We’re at a point where we’re starting to see change possible. We must be the change we wish to see in the world. We must stop apologizing for taking up space, and we must see every woman as a sister and make sure we’re building them up always and whenever possible.

You are a confident woman. Was that something learned, earned or inherent? Where does your confidence stem from?

All of the above. My mother is a badass and taught me to take no shit, but women have for entirely too long been told every waking moment of their life they are too fat, thin, tall, short, loud, quiet etc etc etc. It’s like we’re trained to kill ourselves trying to please this imaginary figure ... who’s actually unpleasable. At a certain point, you have to start living up to the standard set by you for you and Monitored only by YOU.

You are a talented Makeup Artist, Stylist, Performer and Writer. They all seem to go hand in hand but what started the ball rolling and how have they come together for you?

You wanna learn how to do many things? Grow up poor. It’s pretty simple. I remember wanting to be in dance class (well better make money to pay for it.) once you paid for it... want cute outfits to wear... better learn the sew. It’s amazing how crafty a poor kid can get!


a mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity. To move or progress freely as if in a stream.

What is Burlesque and what is the Burlesque community like? Burlesque is the art of telling a story on stage. It is a character driven piece that in some way will involve an element of strip tease. The community is awesome! We’re sorta ‘the island of misfit toys’.

Body image is something a lot of women obsess about. You are obviously very comfortable with your body, clothed and unclothed. What do you say to those women?

I say "just remember the weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry whose best investment is trying to convince you not to be happy with yourself. You're a babe so be Kinder to yourself

Which venues are most supportive of Burlesque and have opened their doors to the community? So many! The Revival Bar and Mod Club on College St. host every year for the Toronto Burlesque Festival and of course one must include Buddies in Bad Times which hosts Fierce at the end of May each year, which is a queer burlesque festival in a new city every year. This year Toronto plays host!

You have participated in Burlesque competitions in the past. How did you do and do you continue to enter competitions presently? I have....By accident! In 2010 my burlesque fairy godmother Coco Framboise (who for a year I have been performing with as a backup dancer) basically told me I was competing in something called ‘Strip Search’ a newbie competition. I was terrified but it’s actually how and when I created my first burlesque number! I wound up winning it. I spent my early 20’s competing in ballroom dance and actually try to stay away from competitions. They don’t really put the air on my sails. If it’s does for you. I say do ‘em all!

What's some of your favourite make up go to's ? Tried and true brands that you love to use. As a stage kid I love Makeup Forever, BenNye, and Kat Von D.... all lines that hold up well against stage lights

Is there a lot of competition in the Makeup Industry or is it a supportive community? Yes and no. A bit of competition is good! It makes you stay up on your game. However it is at the end of the day a field of artists and full of a lot of amazing folks.

As a Stylist, are there any Toronto Fashion Designers that you are fond of and we should pay attention to? Toni Marlow! They are actually underwear but doing incredible things to make accessible things for an inclusive audience and that’s something I admire no matter what we’re talking about!

As a woman in the Arts, have you experienced any double standards, biases or does it not affect you and your work?

Oh god yes. I work in an industry quite full of women. Makeup, dance, styling. I have (and not ALWAYS, but I have many many many times seen) seen men get the role, job, gig, praise simply based on the fact they are men and more of a rare commodity in these fields.

Is there something you think every woman should know or do? Inspiration for the next generation of young women who want to become self-sufficient, self-determined and self-loved?

When having conversations with yourself you need to regularly pause and say “would I say this to my best friend/ mother/ sister” and if the answer is ‘no’ you sure as shit shouldn’t be saying it to yourself. The world, for too long, has been shaped by fragile, entitled men who have cultivated a culture that tells women they’re not good enough. For the love of god... don’t help them!

Do you have a 5 year plan?

No. I have a 'morning plan' of making sure you're wearing clean underwear ... because you may just get hit by a bus

What projects/works are you involved in right now? Summer means burlesque festival season, tons of weddings so quite busy for a makeup artist, and music festival season so I’ll be crafting all kinds of things for festival goers

The Warrior in you says... The divine goddess runs in my blood and maybe today she wants to take over the world, or maybe today she wants to watch Netflix and wear a onesie... both are okay! Do you boo boo

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