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Get Motivated!

I used to workout a lot. I was a dancer and model, so being in shape was a big deal. I enjoyed it thoroughly and reaped the rewards of my hard work when I starting seeing real and positive results. I was toned and looking great! From the moment I started to see results, I was hooked. But, I wasn't so much hooked on the act of going to the gym everyday, but I was, hooked on the results of my efforts. It was a powerful pill and was what motivated me to continue, even when I wasn't in the workout mood.

I think motivation is an underrated and overlooked catalyst for most of what we do and is what engages us to take action on any given idea. Without motivation, would you do most things you do? Even the littlest of duties, however mundane, first require a thought of motivation. Whatever that thought is, it's what gets you off your ass and moving closer to your goal. Humans move only through the process of motivation. If you are not motivated, you won't engage.

We spend most of our day at work. Why? Because we are motivated by generating money so we can live a life motivated by our dreams and desires. When we are hungry, we are motivated to eat. Some are motivated by sadness and chaos driving them to the edge to test their resolve. Others are motivated by social issues causing then to champion a cause and often creating something that others can be motivated to sustain.

When we think of how motivation impacts our every move and break it down, we find that motivation is directly linked to our natural thought process, acting much like an equation. It looks like this: If I do______, I will be rewarded with_________. Now, the reward will vary considerably because it may be tangible or intangible. It may be just a smile or it may be the biggest and most important feat you engage in. Either way it's the preset of drive; of motivation that allows us to move, act and react.

How does one get motivated?

Everyone is different but we are generally encouraged and excited by much of the same things. These are usually things we love in life. We must love, like or at the very least, be able to tolerate an activity or action because the reward usually is desirable enough for us to act.

Broken down, this simply means...engage in the things you love,...take part in activities that make you happy...invest time and energy into the people around you who invest in you as well...create love and motivation will follow. Love and motivation are directly related. This powerful combination propels our happiness, productivity, progression and drives innovation.

Love it, Do it, and be Rewared!