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Fashion Rules...Or Not, #23

Talking Knee Syndrome Remember when we used to mock the 80's?

It was declared, and I think, in writing, the worst decade ever for style and fashion. From the teased out to the high waisted, it was proclaimed clearly as the decade we would never repeat. We hid our embarrassment with jokes and laughter about how we used to dress and now.....

Now, it's back...yeeeeaaaaaaaaahhh (she said sarcastically) ...and our deviant thoughts about 80's fashion, has all been forgotten and set on a new path. Did we all come down with amnesia? Perhaps we were just ready to accept it into our lives once again....a forgive & forget kind of thing.

I, for one, have not forgotten. I have however, forgiven, but have gotten rid of any evidence of such obscure & sorted past. If I'd known that acid wash, pleated jeans and cheap polyester would be back in full fashion force, I would have boxed it all up and saved it. But I didn't and I bet most of you who lived through this fashion faux pas the first time around have done the same.

Elephant skin and moths....

Take, for example, the Talking Knee Syndrome. We've all seen it, or perhaps you've donned the look yourself. Forget the fact we content with paying 'more for less'. Forget the fact that we purchase jeans that looks like moths ate through them. Forget the fact that it seems the same moths understand symmetry and design. Forget the fact that skinny jeans with the same holey affliction can make the best knees look undesirable. The tighter the jeans the more 'elephant skin' happens. The primary problem with knee holes is that the person wearing them can't see what they look like in full swing. It's not an attractive look, not even on the best of knees. It just isn't something one can pull it off gracefully.


Knee holes, especially on skinny jeans, are strange and unattractive at the very least. On the high-end of things, they are just plain wrong. They are a total distraction to anything else stylish and hip you may have going on and who wants to highlight they knees as their best fashion feature anyway? Let's leave humorous mugs to facial contorting where it belongs, shall we.

Talk the walk.....

As you walk, knees talk....which is disturbing to look at and kinda ugg. The flaps open and shut just like a puppet's mouth and I don't think that was the look anyone consciously anticipated or is wanting to pararde.

What fashion head proclaimed that this look was a winner and we need more of this? We may never know but guaranteed they are not doing us any favours. If designers are wanting to distress jeans with holes and slits they should be reflected above the knee instead. Anythng knee and down just doesn't work as higher up on the body. A peep at thigh skin is a much more attractive prospect because the skin is smooth not wrinkled, with surface void of knobs, discoloration or bruises.

I emplore you to double check yourself the next time you pick up jeans with knee holes and think 'this is a great idea!'...because it's'not. You may not have thought about what knees look like under such duress but hopefully now you will.

Don't let Talking Knee Symdrome become an epidemic. It's not sexy or stylish but obtuse and devaluing.

But, this is just one Rebel's opinion.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts on Talking Knee Symdrome.

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