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Stepping Sideways Up

Are you a dreamer or a realist?

I am, by no fault of my own nor embarassed to relay, am a whole hearted dreamer. Every since I can remember, I fanstized about far away places filled with unusal characters, secret gardens filled with natures most creative works, travelling through time & space and wanting to be an animated character from my favourite cartoons.

Essentually, I wanted my own rabbit hole to fall down into. I wanted to have tea with the Mad Hatter and his kooky forest dwelling friends. I would have loved to open my bedroom door one morning only to find a stunning and mystical garden waiting for me to explore. I wanted there to be a little trap door in my bedroom that led down to a wonderous world distinct from my own. And, how awesome would it be to travel to distant worlds or another time in our colourful earthly history? I couldn't think of anything more exhilarating!

I know I will always be a dreamer. I want to explore everything that entices me. This is the reason why my interests are wide and various & my passions are born out of love for the beautiful people, places & things that surround me. The very things that have influenced and inspired me throughout my life's journey.

All that said, I soon realised that this life is my rabbit hole. I'm in it and the adventure started a long time ago. As I mature, the more relevent & obvious this becomes. Every experience we encounter, every move we make, everyone we engage contributes and diversifies our journey, even if its just a degree. For better or worse, we play the principle role in our own private Wonderland.

For me, designing Rebel Geisha belts is much like the Mad Hatter's Tea party. An ecclectic, eccentric, artfully delicious adventure that allows me exploration of the nonsensical side of my imagination.

My imagination is my freedom of expression, an expression that I want to share with and inspire others, as I have been so inspired. Rebel Geisha belts are purely inspired by the things I love in life, my experiences and the wonderment of imagination. Sure, you may say it's just a belt.....but Alice thought it was just a pill.

To get to 'somewhere' you have start somewhere else. Alice understood this dynamic and had to take risks and was eager to if it meant getting to where she wanted to be in the end. I get it. Life's journey can be highly unpredictable and uncertain but it can also be greatly rewarding. Rebel Geisha is a marker for the next phase on my road trip of life and I look forward to all that will transpire.

Keep dreaming, that's where life happens!

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