So what is REBEL GEISHA?

Rebel Geisha was an inspired idea I had about two years ago while collaborating with some of Toronto entertainers and performers. In performer-land, costume and wardrobe play a pivotal role in visually translating the text of the performance. In some talent circles, corsets crested this hallmark. And why not, corsets are sexy, ultra fem, and exude confidence and a self ownership of style. But, for the everyday women, corsets are not easily accessible, acceptable daywear nor a part of most water cooler conversations....sadly.

I spoke to many women about corsets; whether or not they would wear one and what they thought of them as a statement of style. I was surprised to find that most women have a fantasy about donning a corset but don't because they find it an intimidating purchase. Most reflected that they would love to wear a corset but lacked finding an appropriate place for it in their lives....outside of the bedroom. If that's all you need it for then all the power to you....have fun with it.

Those honest expressions stirred my creative juices. I know what wearing a beautiful corset feels like and how it makes you feel. I know the attention it receives and I also know what it takes to fit one on properly. If you don't have 4 arms and a strong back, you're in a bit of trouble. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely luv wearing corsets but I won't wear one to go grocery shopping (not that there is anything wrong with that) because, that is not my lifestyle, but I do have the desire to capture the same womanly feeling a corset provides but in a more playful and accessible form for all women with the same desire.

Enter, stage left....REBEL GEISHA, beautiful waist cincher style belts that I design and make. The closet thing to a corset is a wide belt so I got to designing. I also knew that my personal inspirations would be the best resources to draw from. (I will be sharing more about my inspirations in later posts). It took a while to work out the details of construction but once it came together, I was in luv with what was initially produced. It had great potential. It was very close to my vision but I knew as I progressed that they would only become better and more polished. Much work was ahead of me.

From a a I go! I invite you into Rebel's world, a place where empowering the freedom to be bold is everyday!


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