Pop Up not Down

I'm standing at the starting gate with my designs in hand. I am showcasing my belts for a wider audience for the first time.

A close friend put me on to a vendor opportunity in the form of a POP UP Market. I jumped at the opportunity to gain some first hand consumer interest in my designs.

Located in the Junction, D-Beatstro will become a new event space later this month. While renos are in progress, the owners Jess & Valerie decided to promote the upcoming venue by hosting a pop up. Great idea!

With sawdust still dusting the floor and the visible signs of an unfinished space, we embraced our surroundings while the owners did their very best to accomodate us with tables and personel. As I took a tour of the other vendors wares I was impressed to see a diverse array of creativity present here.

My intension was to gain some perspective on how consumers would receive and view my designs. That was a success! The response was one of 'wow, that's original and cool!' Ok, so I may be on the right track. Yes! I sold a few belts and gained valuable resources to help me along my journey. I connected with other fab artists, dedicated designers and promising customer interests. It's a great debut!

In closing, my first experience was well worth the effort and the support within the community of freelance artisans is priceless. Pop Up Markets are fast becoming a viable platform for start ups and established businesses alike. They provide a viable and well needed platform for small business vendors and I am grateful for that. It's a great place to start out...perhaps the only accessible route for those starting out.

Now, on to the next.....

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