Pop Goes the Market

Rebel Geisha's mini debut at D-Beatstro's event space was a success! The event was graciously hosted by the new owners and band promoters Jess & Valerie. The space, a work in progress, was kindly prepped for a mingle of artists & designers to share their wears. An ecclectic mix of vendors only made the event that more appealing to browers and buyers alike.

Space was limited but Jess & Valerie did a fab job providing tables, check out service and personell to look after the tables when vendors were absent. We spent 4 awesome days sharing knowledge, resources, building relationships and engaging customers.

I got my geek on and fashioned some beautiful comicers belts. Everyone loved them! Colourful and uber playful, comicers is a favorite! Rebel Geisha Belts prides itself on producing one of a kind items but comicers is popular enough that I have to break the rule a bit here. Although the patterns look identcal at first glance, I do try to make them unique, even if it's just a small difference.

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