originality and durability

if you're looking for something a little different...you're in the right place. 
below are the latest and greatest works from pourgirlarts studio. all finished works receive at least two coats of either standard or heat resistant, industrial grade resin and most works are adorned with handcrafted leather embellishments.
beauty & functionality
interested in purchasing a charcuterie board? its a balanced combination of beauty and brains. each item comes with a thank you card and care tips &
if your purchase is a gift, we can wrap it for you at no cost. your purchase cab be shipped to the receiver.
shipping costs may apply
hey...heads up
once your order has been placed, please allow 7-10 DAYS for artwork finalizations before shipping
You can also connect with jojo at pourgirlarts@gmail.com for any questions, requests or comments.
custom works available and encouraged!
 see more scenes from the studio in the gallery