About Houseofjo Designs

Creating is a gift we all share. It's the hallmark of human existence and is transformable in a million different ways. We are all blessed with the ability to explore, learn & create. As I continue to explore life's amazing and challenging endeavors I am so very pleased to be a part of the dreamers and entrepreneurs who spend their time creating in the areas that most please us. 

rebel: power, self-expression, freedom, revolutionary, strength, joy

geisha: female samurai, artist, beauty, entertainer, pleasurist, exclusive 


Every great idea stems from great inspiration & every great inspiration begins with a great idea.

INSPIRATION is the birthchild of all of the worlds' wonders and amazement. The Rebel Geisha brand stirs the same desire; not only to always seek inspiration in the world around us but to find inspiration, most importantly, in OURSELVES.

When we give light to our OWN organic inspirations we begin to gain POWER, shed fear, and begin a JOURNEY, venturing boldly into uncharted territories with vigor and renewed ESTEEM. To be truly inspired, one has to be comfortable with stepping outside of their box by embracing the path less traveled. Rebel Geisha calls this the cycle of empowerment and this empowerment is the root of the Rebel Geisha brand.